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The Time I Burned Myself

Story Tellers in Middle School “Wake up honey.” my mom whispered, “it's the weekend.” I woke up really tired but that does not ruin my day I woke up like a cat. The day started pretty good. I ate Breakfast and played video games. 
The evening came and I was still playing games and then I got bored so I watch videos I seen the video of tricks you can do with lighter, and I thought I was pretty smart so I was going to try to imitate on the video I waited till dark so I can see it pretty good. While I was waiting I watch more videos and more videos etc. When dark came I came outside and got a soda can I pressed the gas button on the lighter in the can and when the gas was filled up on lit the lighter stick it in the can and “swoooooosh” the can roared “ouch my hand” the fire came out like a jet it hit my hand and burned my skin was peeled off and my flesh was black my heart skipped a beat. 
Now I know when they say, “do not try this at home” I won’t try this at home and not play with fire. So next time I will never play fire.