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A Smoked Oyster Day

Grab your re-cycling bags and your affinity card and let’s all rush off to the grocery store for a “Smoked Oyster Day”. Don’t look smug and say I never shop for smoked oysters because I never eat smoked oysters. A smoked oyster day precedes the threat of a major storm be it a hurricane or a blizzard. Now it is around 20 outdoors which means that a blizzard could be on its way. With a blizzard in the forecast, it becomes almost a mandate to rush to Stop & Shop, etc. And buy things you we would never normally purchase such as smoked oysters. You haven’t eaten a smoked oyster in years but egged on by the TV and radio weather people, you grow fearful that if the storms make the roads a mess for several days, you’ll never get to the grocery store for your smoked oysters. Okay if your fear of running out of some snack food, isn’t smoked oysters, let me know what it is and what kind of conditions failed to thwart your trip to the grocery store.